Thinking of upgrading to Corel X6?
        Deciding whether to upgrade to a new version of any software can be hard.  New versions come out often and you can go broke  upgrading each time a new version is available.  So we need to look for features that make the upgrade worth the money and effort. Corel X6 was one of those upgrades for me.  Below is a short list of upgrades that were important to me and features that I thought could make me more productive.  All of my work was being done in X3 which was a great version that I had used for several years.  I never considered X4 and had purchased X5 but never made the transition. X3 worked great on my Windows XP computer and switching to X5 seemed to slow my work.  I used X5 to convert files from users that sent me their files.  Most of the time I would load the X5 file and save it down to X3 before I would do any work with it.   When X6 came out it had a lot of features that I wanted to try but quickly was discouaged by how slow it worked on my Windows XP computer.  Well the time had come to upgrade my computer and operating system.  I ordered a new Intel I 5 Quad Core computer along with Windows 8.  It quickly became apprent that this step made a major difference in how quick X6 really operated.  Running 64bit X6 on a Quad-Core computer with 16 gig of memory is quick and stable..

CorelDraw X6 Core Processing Improvements:
Available in 64 Bit vesion.  Allows you to work with bigger files and utilize more memory for working with multitpe files at the same time.
More processes are multi-threaded.  This leads to more speed and better mulit-tasking.  Example outputting huge files while continueing to work.  There is also a big improvement when working with large bitmaps.
CorelDraw Feature enhancements
PowerClip has be completely redone.  The PowerClip effect has been much easier to work with.  It now has it's own connected menu bar so you can easily make changes.
Contour effect has new corner options.  If you use the contour effect you will love these changes.  You can now select "Round" or "Mitered" corners.  As a sign maker I had to use plug-in to get this effect before.  Not now, it can been done from one place.  This alone saves me tons of time!  Your contour will not be right the first time, no more smoothing.
New and Improve Import and Export Filters.  Updated filters allow you to import and export the new versions of all the popular file types.  Example it now loads and saves the news version of .EPS and .AI file s for reading and saving for Illistrator.
Smear, Attract and Repel Tools.  Corel X6 add a set of new tools that allow you to do some really neat things.  The Smear tool allows you to adjust Vector point in ways you never imagined.  With practice you can create some great effects.
Page numbering, Alignment Guides, OpenType® support, Color Styles, Color harmony, Placeholder Text. Page Numbering.... More Fonts, More clipart , More Photos, More Templates.